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Tasmanian born, my family consists of my wonderful husband Tony, daughter Naomi plus Eddie the Labradoodle, Boots the cat, Tinka the Blue & Gold Macaw, Mario the conure and George the Alexandrine.  At various times we have also had cows, ducks, chickens, horse & rabbit.  From a very young age I developed a strong connection for all creatures great and small, finding them the perfect companion to impart my grievances - they would always patiently listen.  To put it plainly, I love animals - they are uncomplicated.  They'll either befriend you, ignore you or simply want to eat you!

One day in 2014 I felt a strong desire to paint.  Oddly, this was something I had never done before.  I purchased a set of oil paints with canvas and absolutely fell in love with it.  I clearly remember saying to my husband..."For the first time in my life, I feel like this is what I'm meant to be doing." And now, any opportunity I get, I will paint.

I believe my talent was inherited through the generations.  My mother (Louise Brinkman) was gifted with many skills including painting and my father (Bob Brinkman) is especially gifted in woodcarving.  His works are exhibited in Schools, Businesses and Government Offices across Tasmania and Australia.  My extended family boasts many talented people, one being my Dutch Great Uncle Cornelis Brandenburg - who's work is displayed in the Queen of Holland's personal gallery.

My genuine love and appreciation of all animals is often depicted in my subjects, however I also enjoy capturing a certain emotion expressed through human form.  I gain deep inspiration from story's as such told by accomplished artists Akiane Kramarik and Maud Lewis.
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