Animal Portraits

& Original

Oil Paintings


Marion resides in the beautiful town of Ulverstone, Tasmania.  


Marion commenced her painting career later in life.  In 2016 she entered two works in the Annual Eskleigh Art Exhibition where both were sold and selected for a Fundraising Calendar.  Shortly afterwards she staged her first solo exhibition and in 2017 leased the ideal shopfront in the CBD to establish her Art Studio/Gallery which she has been working from every weekday since.


Being self-taught, she relishes the path of experimenting artistically, following her intuition and instincts. She's primarily a realist painter who enjoys using brush and palette knife techniques.  The richness and blending qualities of oils is her preferred medium. 


Marion has always had a deep interest in the creation of art, which is inspired by her love of nature in all its complexities.  It’s her aim to express and share her take of the world by emulating nature’s beauty be it through landscapes, flora & fauna or human form.  However, she finds she cannot resist cultivating her imagination through a sense of fun and quirkiness also.


In 2019 she attained a certificate in Art Therapy and to encourage others, facilitates regular painting events for non-artists that have been well supported and personally rewarding.


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