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What should I wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in. We provide aprons to help protect your clothes however we use acrylic paints which can be difficult to remove out of some fabrics so advise you wear something you don’t mind getting a little

paint on, just in case.  ALSO the venue can get a little chilly at times so bring a jacket or cardigan.

Can I purchase drinks?

We are a BYO venue, so don’t forget to bring your favourite beverage. 


I don’t drink wine. Can I bring other types of drinks?

Of course! You are welcome to bring beer, cider, kombucha, soft drink or any other beverage.  We just ask that you leave the spirits at home. 


Do I have to paint the same thing as the artist?

Of course not.  While our artist will lead only one painting per event, you are welcome to experiment and create to your hearts content however there will be a limited colour palette used for the designated painting of the day.


Can I leave my painting behind and pick it up later?

We would prefer you take your painting with you after the event however you may leave it in the studio and collect it within seven days.  Due to spatial limitations, unclaimed paintings left for longer than one week will be recycled.  So please be sure to return for your painting to avoid disappointment!

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